Credit Courses/Pathway

Credit ESL Pathway (Effective Fall 2016)

Download a PDF with all the changes and courses here.

  • Nine-unit combined reading/writing/grammar courses
  • Accelerated credit pathway to English 1A
  • Academically-oriented non-credit transition classes
  • Advanced and intermediate ESL credit certificates (pending state approval)
How will the credit ESL pathway benefit me?

Taking reading and writing together in an immersive nine-unit course has these benefits:

  • More focus on engaging readings
  • Connected reading andwriting assignments
  • Greateremphasis on vocabulary
  • Improved critical thinking skills
  • Stronger sense of community among students and instructor
  • More opportunities to apply grammar in meaningful contexts
  • Fewer textbooks

ESL Credit Pathway with Noncredit ESL Transition Course

What classes should I take in the current pathway?

Old pathway compared to new pathway

old cp classes compared to new cp classes