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Getting Started with Non-Credit

Welcome to Non-credit ESL!

The Non-credit ESL program is designed to teach beginning and intermediate English skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar) to non-native speakers. It prepares students for credit ESL classes at SRJC. The program offers morning, evening, and weekend classes online. It offers regular semester-length classes, short intensive classes, and ESL computer classes. 

For more information, please call or email 

* The ESL Department (707)527-4382,

* The Student Services Office at (707)527-4229, 

    Visit its web page at

General information about non-credit ESL

General Information Flyer (Spring 2021)                            





Don't be afraid to begin at a level that is a little difficult for you. You will learn English and attain your goals faster!  

Non-credit Tutor Lab and Conversation Club!

Zoom Link:

This is not an extra class; this is free EXTRA HELP (homework help or answers for your specific English questions). 

Drop-in ~ this means you don't have to start on time or stay the entire time. Tutors are happy to help you!





ESL Conversation Club on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays

Please arrive on time and plan to stay for 45 minutes for Conversation Practice. 






Zoom Link:

Before you attend, register for ESL 770, Section 5800. If you need help registering,
call the Southwest Center at 707-527-4229.